Personal Websites with Wordpress

  • Pre-workshop activities: 10 min
  • Introductory presentation: 10 min
  • Hands-on activities: 50 min

Why Wordpress?

Wordpress is a free and open source platform that can be used to create personal websites, professional websites, and blogs. Wordpress allows you to create and design your website in a relatively easy and accessible way. Wordpress has many features and templates, which facilitates the creattion of a customizated and personal website. This workshop will walk you through the process of creating a personal or project based website using either or if you are a UVic student, staff, or faculty member, a BCNet hosted Wordpress website.

Learning objectives

Participants will be able to do the following by the end of this workshop:

  • Explain what WordPress is, why it is free, and what other web hosting options there are (including knowing the difference between vs Plugins, 3rd party themes, modify template code).
  • Use the planning process to create a website.
  • Create a navigation structure for your website.
  • Create a basic personal website on
  • Create blog posts.
  • Embed images and videos in blog posts and pages.
  • Add pages static pages, including a static home page.
  • Change the website template.
  • Customize menus & navigation.
  • Customize a Wordpress theme.

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