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Sample Podcast Script

This is a sample script for you to use for recording some audio in case you don’t have a podcast topic in mind. It can also be a template for you to use when you eventually create your own podcast script. Have fun!

Here are some websites with suggestions on how to create your own podcast script:

Start of Script

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Emily: Hello, my name is Emily Yang and welcome to the ‘Educational Robotics’ podcast, where we cover all things robotic in K12 education! With me today is Tiffany Johnson, who is an engineer at the Ada Fruit electronics company, and semi-professional Battle Bot maker. We’re going to talk about her latest Battle Bot win robot and how she got started a robot club at her daughter’s middle school. I’m looking forward to an interesting fun interview with Tiffany.

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Emily: Welcome to the Educational Robotics podcasts Tiffany!

Tiffany: I’m happy to be here, and am a big fan of the podcast.

Topic 1.

Emily: We’re so glad you could make time to visit us today. You have a very interesting background in both robotics and education. Let’s start by talking about your big win in last weeks’ nation battle bot championship in Los Angeles. How did you incorporate a flame thrower in your robot, and how big a factor was the flame thrower in your title win?

Tiffany: The flame thrower played a huge role in my win, as no one else had used one in the competition before, and I think because of that, no one was prepared to deal with what a flame thrower would do to their battle bot. Incorporating it into my robot wasn’t easy because in large part because I had to make sure that it not only would work against other battle bots but wouldn’t singe the hair of the spectators in the arena. After a bit of fine-tuning, I was able to make sure it wouldn’t burn any spectators but was still able to fry my opponent’s battle bots.

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Topic 2.

Emily: Wow that was an amazing win. When did you first get started in Robotics, and why did you decide that robotics and education would be a good fit?

Tiffany: I was in grade 5 at Hillcrest elementary school when Mr. Blackmore brought a Lego Midstorm kit into class and left it out for us to play with if we were interested. My friend Jack and I immediately started tinkering with it, and with a little help from Mr. Blackmore, we were able to build and program a little “car” robot that used a camera sensor to follow a black line on a bit piece of construction paper. It wasn’t very sexy, but it was fun to build and gave us both a sense of accomplishment, and a real desire to build a bigger and more destructive!

Emily: That’s a great story, and let’s give a shout out to Mr. Blackmore for the great work he’s doing at Hillcrest Elementary school in Victoria, BC!

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Emily: Tiffany, thank-you so much for joining us this week on the Education Robotics podcast. Make sure to visit our website at EduRobotics.Net, where you can subscribe to our podcast in iTunes, Stitcher or via RSS so that you’ll never miss a show. While you’re at it, if you liked our show, we’d appreciate a rating on iTunes, or simply tell a friend about the show. We’ll talk to you next week!

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