Informal Credentials or Digital Badges

The Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC) awards digital badges, or informal credentialing, for the successful completion of this workshop. We award badges as an informal credential in order to help workshop participants, who wish to, make public the fact that they have developed video editing skills.

DSC electronic badges are cryptographically signed and have the recipients email address embedded in the signing so that it cannot be used by anyone else. Also embedded in the badge is a link to the learning objectives for the workshop so that employers or anyone who sees the badge can determine what was done to earn the badge.

DSC badges are awarded at the request of workshop participants after a DSC staff member has verified that they have successfully completed one or more of the workshop hands-on workshop activities. You can see a list of all the badges offered by the DSC on our Badgr page.

Earn an Informal Credential or Badge for Video Editing

If you’d like to earn a DSC badge for this workshop, please complete two of the projects and then email pictures of both projects to: Note: you can use your phone to email the pictures or do screenshots

Learn how you can share your DSC Badge

To learn more about DSC badges and how you can share your them on LinkedIn profile, personal website, or resume, check our DSC Badges webpage.

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