Video Editing with iMovie and Microsoft ClipChamp

  • Pre-workshop activities: 10 min
  • Introductory presentation: 12 min
  • Hands-on activities: 60-90 min

Why iMovie and ClipChamp?

iMovie and ClipChamp are powerful tools that enable you to easily edit and modify video footage. Both software packages are free to use on their respective platforms and have numerous features that create wonderful effects. iMovie is created by Apple which supports Mac and IOS users whereas Microsoft ClipChamp is automatically included in Windows 11 (and downloadable for Windows 10 users). This workshop will walk you through the key features of these video editors and will help you create and edit three video projects.

Learning objectives

Participants will be able to do the following by the end of this workshop:

  1. Create a New Project
  2. Import video into the video editor from an SD card
  3. Trim & Split video clips
  4. Insert transitions/cards between clips
  5. Create Title and Credits
  6. Mute or adjust audio volume in video clips
  7. Video Export and publishing options

    Advanced learning outcomes for participants who want to do more:
  8. Import audio
  9. Make a slow-motion video clip
  10. Crop a video clip
  11. Create a green screen video

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