Generate Reports With R Markdown

Tips before you start. If you haven’t done so already, please do the following:

  • Pull up documentation for a function by executing ?function in the Console.
  • Install LaTeX in RStudio:
  1. Read parts 1 - 6 of the RMarkdown Cheat Sheet
  2. For the rest of the workshop, we will save our code on a R Markdown file. Let’s create this file in RStudio. The steps are similar to described in the cheatsheet.
    • Open RStudio, click File -> New File -> RMarkdown…
    • Enter title, author, and select the type of output format PDF and click OK
    • After creating your R Markdown file, you must save it. Click File -> Save As ->… Enter the filename and make sure to remember where you saved it.
    • The Markdown document with some example code will appear on your Editor window.

    small icon

  • Click the Knit icon in the toolbar (see right). A PDF file is now generated and saved to the current folder/directory.
  • Continue editing this R Markdown document for other Activities.

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