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Bonus Take Home Sheet

Additional videos and articles:

  • 15 easy steps to design an infographic from scratch (article)
  • 40 complex topics explained by infographics (good examples)


  • Professional level, diverse, and inclusive resource for free stock photography and video: Pexels
  • Another excellent resources for free stock photography including history photos: Unsplash
  • Full colour clip art with transparent background: Vector Stock
  • Free icons to help describe your research story: The Noun Project
  • Create Biology figures: BioRender
  • Design inspiration: Design Inspiration
  • Inspiration, creators, freebies: Dribble
  • Colour scheme generator: Coolors

If you missed the pre-workshop orientation videos and information:

-White Space in Infographic Design: Why it matters(3 min)

NEXT STEP: Earn a Workshop Badge